Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Magisterium...By Cardinal Dulles

The most misunderstood aspect of the Catholic Church is how it defines doctrine and dogma. The infallibility of the Church is constantly under attack. Doctrines that are taught infallibly such as the Church's teaching on contraception are often denied by both Catholics and Protestant alike. In recent posts here we saw how 2 Protestants constantly misconstrued how the Church teaches doctrine and dogma. They both had the audacity to misrepresent how the Church teaches infallibly, both not understanding the Ordinary and Universal aspect of the Church's teaching authority. If there is one book to summarize this, it is Cardinal Dulles' book called Magisterium. No Catholic should be without this book. It should be read, and read again to really understand how the Church works in her teaching authority. You can get it at Amazon. I also recommend it to non-Catholics so they can converse intelligently on the subject. Visit Catholic Champion for other recommended books.

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