Sunday, August 3, 2008

Keep Digging....Contraception IV..

Here is the latest argument on how Turretin Fan is trying now to equate the sexual act to an act of survival such as eating...Watch, this is good...

MB's argument falls apart again, when one scrutinizes it logically:

1 (per MB): NFP consists of not engaging in carnal knowledge at certain times.
2 (per MB): Not engaging in carnal knowledge is not an act.
ergo: NFP is not an act, consequently NFP cannot be a contraceptive act.

At first glance, this might seem to have merit. How can not doing anything be an act? But if we apply it to an analogy, we can soon realize how foolish it is:

1 (analogy): Neglect consists in not feeding one's children.
2 (analogy): Not feeding one's children is not an act.
ergo: Neglect is not an act, and consequently cannot be an improper act.

I hope everyone realizes that such an argument is absurd."

Who is making the absurd analogy here?? Who is making the foolish comments?
First of all the sexual act between a man and a women is not an act of survival such as eating is. We can see here that there is no logic in this analogy. He is comparing the act of neglecting to feed one's children to abstaining from sex. This is really unbelievable at this point. I guess every person now who is walking the face of the earth who is married and not having sex is engaged in a contraceptive act according to TF. Like I said in the first post on this. This is like playing a game of chess with someone who simply does not know how each piece moves on the logic chessboard.

We also see that they can make false statements like telling us the "withdrawal method" is approved by the Catholic Church, and then once they realize they are wrong the try and sidestep the issue. Unbelievable here folks. But this is par for the course when dealing with these guys. Truth has no place in their thinking.

Here is another link explaining once again what I have said before on NFP not being contraceptive in nature.

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