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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

More Ecumenical Nonsense: Cardinal O'Malley and the "Rev. Robertson"

“It was completely unexpected,” the Rev. Robertson said Tuesday, in her first media interview about the encounter. “I’m still blown away by it.”

“What moved me was not so much that I was anointing him,” she said. “It was him being willing to accept that from my hand – to ask me, as a woman in ministry, to do that.”


Steve Dalton said...

Well Matt, look on the bright side. At least it wasn't the Rev. Pat Robertson doing this, otherwise O'Malley would have received the Pentecostal "baptism of the spirit" and he would have started speaking in tongues!

Alan Aversa said...

O'Malley's Kennedy scandal and now this scandal (really two: the fact he's at what Pius XI would call a "motley [ecumenical] assembly" and the fact that he's receiving a "sacrament" from a laywoman)?

Dario Veneziano said...

I must disagree. With both the title of the post and the comments so far. First and foremost, would you have called scandalous for Jesus to wash the apostles' feet? Peter was "scandalized" by it as far as his reaction shows. What did Our Lord reply? ""What I am doing, you do not understand now, but you will understand later." Jn 13,7. Cardinal O'Malley was not appointed cardinal by chance. So I would AT LEAST give him the benefit of the doubt. Secondly: "mocking" or criticizing our christian brothers and sisters (whether Catholic or not) is not good Christian spirit. Thirdly, the Cardinal didn't receive any sacrament, but simply a ceremonial reminder, just like we receive ashes on Ash Wednesday. So in the end I believe that what Cardinal O'Malley did was a great thing: he wanted to prove how clear and sincere his ecumenical intentions are, that he wasn't there simply to look good. And, as Jesus did by washing the feet, it was an act of humility that always lifts and widens the hearts. Of everyone who's willing to seek Love and not division, of course. When Pope Francis washed and kissed the feet of some non-catholics, did you guys get scandalized?! Cardinal O'Malley is in line with the Pope. So who are we to criticize and call 'non-sense' what we see being done by such prominent leaders of our One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church? We need to look at things differently and be open to what the Spirit shows us. That requires humility. And Cardinal O'Malley has some.

Matthew Bellisario said...

First of all, Cardinal O'Malley is not Jesus and he is not washing his apostles feet, false analogy. It is not a matter of humility to endorse people who are separated from the Church and have them "bless" you. This is false ecumenism, and does nothing to bring people into the one true Church. It is scandalous for the very reasons previous popes said it was. Try reading Pope Pius XI's Mortalium Animos and learn a little about what ecumenism is and is not. And yes, if the Pope does something that is nonsensical, we can call it nonsensical. I hope you are not an ultramontanist who thinks the Pope is infallible in every action he does and every word he speaks, even Popes make bad decisions. IF you want proof of that you should read the history of the Popes and you will see that many of them did some crazy things that I am sure you would never be able to deal with. False ecumenism is nothing to be proud of as a Catholic. Read Mortalium Animos, and tell me if you agree with Pope Pius XI's strong opinions on those outside the Church.