Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Process of Writing an Icon

For iconophiles such as myself, you may also enjoy this video from the Prosopon School of Iconography. I have also purchased one of their DVDs, 'Theoria' from their website, and it is produced beautifully as well. I am looking forward to purchasing the second edition production of their introductary DVD set to writing an icon, 'Logos: Immanuel', which will be released hopefully by the end of the month.


Alan Aversa said...

Wow, I never knew even incomplete icons were so beautiful! This is the best description of iconography I've ever seen. Thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

Pretty awesome! Do you have any more material of Iconography such as this? Thanks would appreciate some links.

Madonna E said...

Thank you for sharing this video! Very useful to me! (I needed to review the Prosopon process.) I have attended two Iconology workshops with one of Prosopon School's Master iconographers, Fr. Mefodii! He comes to Manila just to teach us. We are praying he can come over again in 2018. Please do include him in prayers, too. Thank you and God bless you!