Thursday, July 26, 2012

Disconnecting From the Internet

I am currently in the process of moving to into my new house in Sarasota. After some consideration, I have decided not to get high speed internet, or cable television. There are a few reasons why I chose not to purchase these services.

1. The internet is a time killer. You can get sidetracked on to so many sites, that you waste hours that can be spent doing more productive things. One site leads to another, and to another, and another..
2. The internet is an easy portal for spending money. One trip to Amazon can cost me not only hours of time looking at books, but it also costs me money. At this point in time I have several thousand books. I know because I am in the process of moving them myself! A priest once gave me a bunch of his books from his old seminary days. I asked him why he wanted to get rid of them. He told me that once I move a couple of times, I will understand. I am beginning to see his point!
3. The internet is a source of temptation. No matter how holy you are, there is always the lure of indecent images on the internet. They are everywhere now including the advertisements, even on Facebook. I was talking to friend of mine recently and he won't let his kids on Facebook anymore because of the filth that shows up on there. This point is simple, no internet, less temptation.
3. Cable TV costs too much for what you get. I only watch TV maybe once a week for an hour or so, or I have it on for background noise. Either way I am not getting my money's worth.
4. Cable TV has nothing on worth watching. Yes I like the Military Channel, The History Channel, Fox News and EWTN on occasion, but besides that there isn't much worth watching. It can also be a time killer channel changing looking for something when I am bored.
5. Time spent praying, reading and writing is time that is largely invested wisely, while surfing around on the internet shopping, or watching TV, etc, is time largely wasted.

There are some disadvantages to not having high speed internet. For one I will not be putting up any audio or video loads any longer on the Catholic Champion podcast. At least this will be the case for the foreseeable future. I will however keep the podcast online so that people can continue to listen to the sermons and talks that are on currently available there.

Although I will not have high speed internet, I will have limited access to the net to pay bills, post up an article on this blog, or look up some info I need. With the technology now on the smart phones, I can easily check and send emails, so I won't be hindered so much there. As far as TV goes, I have a pretty good collection of DVDs and Blu-Rays to watch, and that is enough to keep me entertained. I hope that by foregoing these two services I will spend my time more wisely, allowing me to pray more, read more, and write more. Hopefully I will be able to get back posting here after I finish my move. I hope to be done by Sunday!


croixmom said...

You totally rock, Matthew.

Congrats on your new home.
Ima still looking forward to the housewarming party!

Moving stinks, but owning your own home is kind of like roots.

Steve "scotju" Dalton said...

Matt, I think in the long run, disconnecting from the internet will be bad for your blog. My gut feeling is your blog will go downhill without high speed. Also, dial-up internet will probably be dead as the dodo in a few years anyway, so you might as well keep high speed.
CTV you can do without. If you want tv, you can buy a HD antenna that can pull in some stations.

Catherine Sprenger said...

Good riddance!

Matthew Bellisario said...

Funny, I never said I was going anywhere did I Catherine? Then again what should I expect out of people these days?

Matthew Bellisario said...

In fact, I will be posting more frequently on my blog since I am not wasting time surfing around the internet!

Mariangela said...

I just found your blog right now. I was looking for a Catholic with a good head on their shoulders (because more often than not I find myself alone in my thinking), and then I read that you're going offline? Your writing is good. I have lived without TV for over a year now, but I wouldn't recommend living without high-speed internet. It will affect your blog. It makes everything more complicated and slower. I understand the self control issues, but remember what John Milton wrote, "I cannot praise a fugitive and cloistered virtue, unexercised and unbreathed, that never sallies out and sees her adversary but slinks out of the race, where that immortal garland is to be run for, not without dust and heat." I get that we need to avoid the near occasion of sin, but with so much good to be done, can you afford to lose a tool like this? If it's a cost issue I can get you an unlimited internet and unlimited phone bundle with free long-distance included to over 23 different countries, a free fax line and all the calling features for a flat fee. Just go to my website (make sure you go in through the US side and select Florida -'cause I'm Canadian) and you can follow the directions there, and may God bless your work. I don't know how God directed me to your site this morning, but here you go:

Jeff Davis said...

Way to go Mathew! I've been liberated from the TV for 8 years now. The family doesn't even turn it on at a hotel when we travel anymore either.

The benefits have been amazing. I find more peace at home, more time, and most importantly the communication between my wife and I, as well with our kids to be significantly improved, and the content of discussion to be much more uplifting.

Congratulations on the new home and the decision to axe cable. I so wish I could cut my internet as well.

Jebby Sanderson said...

As long it doesn't affect your blog I say go for it! TV is a blackhole of perversion, misinformation, and wasted time. Just please keep updating!

Steve "scotju" Dalton said...

Matt, please post again, I miss your comments!