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Thursday, May 3, 2012

More Mark Shea Nonsense: False Compassion

I was debating whether or not to post on the latest nonsensical post by the Catholic "apologist" Mark Shea. Two others have beat me to the punch, and have done a nice job of pointing out Shea's errors, so I will just refer you to the blog posts found here and here. As I have pointed out before, I would not recommend learning your faith from Shea. Here is another reason why.

"One of the people I admire most in the world, who I regard as an inspiration and, very likely, as a saint was a gay guy who lived here in Seattle named Perry Lorenzo. You can get something of a sense of the man from his blog. Dunno if he was celibate or not...Some Catholics (and some of my gay readers) will probably be surprised to hear that I’m not interested in whether or not he was celibate. Not my business. That’s between him and God. (I had a reader write me in some degree of scandal after I posted on his death because he apparently had a partner he lived with."
The author of the post criticizing Shea, linked first above writes, "The fact that Mr. Lorenzo was openly homosexual and was known to have lived with another man is a matter of serious concern not to mention a source of scandal....Mark Shea is advancing a false idea of compassion."


Adrienne said...

Both of the blogs cited did an excellent job of vetting Mr. Shea's post. The fact that he (Shea) has such a large following is problematic.

Steve "scotju" Dalton said...

This elegy of an outright fairy doesn't surprise me. Several years ago, Marky Boy said homosexual acts ought to be decriminalized. What's next, Shea showing up as a guest speaker at a Dignity convention?

Steve "scotju" Dalton said...

Oh, another thought about this occured to me. Sodomites are renowed for their super-promiscious lifestyles, yet we're supposed to believe Perry Lorenzo and his buddy were chaste? Shea, IMHO, is willfully naive about the true nature of sodomite sexuality.

Jae said...

Matt even though somebody beat you to the punch you are still right on the mark! I really think Mr. Shea inspite of being on fire convert to the Church and defending her against the constant attacks from arrogant Reformed apologists like James White and his cohorts, I still think Mr. Shea has some vestiges of protestantism in him (maybe due to his false compassion?) like their old cliche, "What would Jesus do?", meaning they put God according to what their idea of God is.

Did he not think that oh yes Christ was compassionate to the sinners however, He also said not to sin no more?

Moreso, Mr. shea's assertion, "it is between him and God" thing is the same argument put forth by the likes of Nancy Pelosi, the Kennedy clan, Biden, Sebellius and others of "Catholics by name only" to justify their support for legislative abortions and other immoral laws. Sad.

vwtaylorii said...
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vwtaylorii said...

Mark Shea posted an article defending what he said last week. The biggest problem I have in this article is when Mark Shea is saying Perry Lorenzo lived a chaste life when he was in a relationship with another guy. After he quoted CCC about homosexuals living a chaste life, he said in the next paragraph, "I do not see anything in this which declares that a chaste gay couple cannot love one another or spend time together, or have a fulfilling non-sexual relationship."

This does not sound like it is in line with Catholic teaching. I can't see how a person can live in a homosexual relationship (even if it is not sexual relationship) still say they are living a chaste life.

Am I wrong thinking about this? Can a person still live a chaste life if they are living in a homosexual relationship but have not having any sexual relations?

vwtaylorii said...
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Steve "scotju" Dalton said...

vwtaylorii, you aren't wrong about your suspicions about the fraudulent nature of a "chaste" gay relationship. Sodomites are notorious for their extreme promiscuity, that's why STD's are so high among them. Studies have shown that these perverts have hundreds, sometimes even thousands of sex pardners during their pathetic lives. For Mark Shea to make such a claim queers can be chaste flys in the face of all known case studies that have been done on these people.