Friday, February 3, 2012

Fr. Anthony Ruff and 'Future Church'

It seems that Fr. Anthony Ruff O.S.B. has now teamed up with the blatantly heretical group that call themselves 'Future Church.' He has one of his lectures on their website now. Look at the statements given by the group on the side bar concerning women's ordination as well as other topics concerning the Church. For example, a question is asked, "FutureChurch advocates for opening ordination to all the baptized. Didn't Jesus ordain only men?... In fact, Jesus did not ordain anyone. Ordination was a practice that started to occur decades later in church history. Jesus had both male and female disciples." They also drafted a statement concerning women's ordination and excommunication. This group has been banned by many bishops from meeting in their churches. Not only has he now presented himself as supporting this group, in his lecture he says that he has supported and given lectures for 'Call to Action,' another heretical group that has been expelled by many bishops. How far will Fr. Ruff go? It is apparent that he has gone off the reservation. Although I am often critical of Fr. Ruff, I must offer prayer for him, and I urge you also to pray for this priest.

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