Saturday, November 19, 2011

My Visit to Conyers Georgia

The statue of the Blessed Mother at the Conyers site.

I am driving up to South Carolina over the weekend to visit my family for Thanksgiving. I decided to stop over at Conyers Ga to visit the Trappist monastery, the Ukrainian Catholic Church as well as the alleged apparition site. My first stop was the Trappist monastery, 'Monastery of the Holy Spirit', which was disappointing, but not unexpected. Their gift shop, which is quite large, carries a huge spectrum of books ranging from garbage like Elizabeth Johnson and Richard Rohr to good stuff like Fr. Faber's books published by TAN. They did have some nice icons and statues, but again, overall it was a disappointment. I did pick up a couple of loaves of fresh blueberry and apple bread. So all was not lost. That was about the extent of that visit. I then went on to the alleged apparition site where the Blessed Mother is said to have appeared. It appears that the bishop is now behind the movement to build a new Church for the site. I prayed for awhile at the site and went inside the house to the apparition rooms. I had no visions or extraordinary experiences, not that I would expect any, but I did have a nice period of quiet prayer and meditation. After spending about an hour there, I then went over to the Ukrainian Catholic Church, 'The Blessed Mother of God', which is around the corner from the site. The two properties are actually adjacent to each other connecting through the woods, or perhaps it is all one piece of property. I was very impressed with the little church, which puts most large multimillion dollar Catholic churches today to shame. The icons are incredible and they draw you into contemplation once you are able to take it all in. The entire gospel is depicted in sacred image, so you are immersed in the life of Christ. I was able to attend the Divine Liturgy at 4PM, and I was in heaven! It is amazing to contemplate what is actually happening when we attend the Divine Liturgy. We are actually stepping into the passion, death and resurrection of Our Lord! The entire liturgy was sung, and nothing was rushed or hurried. This was definitely the highlight of the trip. All in all it was good day, a personal pilgrimage of sorts. Here are some of the pictures that I took on my journey.

 The apparition room in the house.

The Blessed Mother of God Ukrainian Catholic Church, Conyers Ga.

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Andrew W said...

Beautiful Ukrainian church - I especially love the icon with our Lord overturning the table and cracking the whip at the money changers!

Safe travels.