Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Vladivostok Mission Video: Catholicism in Russia

If you are interested in the Catholic Church and its history in Russia, then you may enjoy this video. The video demonstrates the power of God in His Church, in the face of great persecution. It is interesting that it is the American priests that are going to Russia now to rebuild the Church. Be patient as the video loads, or right click and set it to a lower resolution for faster loading.

The Mary Mother of God Mission Society began in February 1992, when Fr. Myron Effing and Fr. (then Brother) Daniel Maurer arrived in Vladivostok, Russia, a port city on the eastern border of Russia (very near China). Both Fr. Myron, who is originally from Indiana, and Fr. Daniel, who is originally from Michigan, felt called to serve the Russian people and volunteered to begin the revival of the Catholic Church in the Far East.
The Society received its name from the parish at which the priests are stationed in Vladivostok. The parish, which had been a cathedral in pre-Communist times, is consecrated to Mary, under the title Most Holy Mother of God Catholic Church.

One of the major goals of the Society, and of the parishioners in Vladivostok, is to restore the cathedral to its former beauty. The building was confiscated by the Communists in 1930, who turned it into the state archive.

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