Sunday, June 5, 2011

Trivia: What Famous Muslim Preached In a Catholic Church?

Which famous former Nation of Islam leader has taken to the ambo of a Catholic Church at least 3 times to preach heresy to the congregation? To find out the answer to this trivia question click here. Then ask yourself how this priest can still be allowed to continue. If you have a reasonable answer as to why none of the bishops or the Pope himself has not done anything about this madman then let us all know. Even though this happened awhile ago (2007), this takes scandal to a whole new level. He is still going strong as you can see here. By the way, what is that on the altar? Also, now Jesse Jackson is showing up to speak at Mass. (Check out his cameo at the end of the video)

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scotju said...

Abp. George, IMHO, lost his marbles and his cojones a long time ago. Any sane ordinary would've given this radical leftist the boot years ago. Papa Ben needs to call George to Rome, stick him in a monestery, and appoint a tough Archbishop who will not tolerate Pfleger preaching the Gospel according to Marx at St. Sabina.