Saturday, June 18, 2011

Father Corapi Leaves Priesthood?

 "All things change, only God stays the same, so I have to tell you about a major change in my life. I am not going to be involved in public ministry as a priest any longer. There are certain persons in authority in the Church that want me gone, and I shall be gone. "

It seems that Father Corapi has chosen to leave the priesthood and form his own media website called 'The Black Sheep Dog'. He has released a video and a written explanation of the reasons he has chosen to leave. As you probably know, he was accused by a former employee of having relations with her, and being a drug addict. As a result he was suspended. I for one am very surprised that Fr. Corapi has chosen this course of action to leave the priesthood. I have no idea whether or not Fr. Corapi is innocent of the charges that were leveled against him or not. I have been inclined thus far to take him at his word that he is not guilty. I wonder however why he thinks that leaving the priesthood, forming a media company and now calling himself the 'Blacksheep Dog,' is going to serve God. If in fact he is being persecuted unjustly, I would personally rather see him do what other great Saints have done, like Padre Pio for instance, and take it on the chin for God. If he is innocent God will use the incident to bring Him glory in some other way. Of course it is easy for me to sit back and make these kinds of recommendations, but this is how I view this whole situation. Since Father Corapi has been such a public figure in the Church, who influenced me early on in my journey to Catholicism, I think it is fair to throw my to cents in on how I view this whole situation.

Father Corapi was one of the few priests that I was able to learn the basics of the Catholic faith from even before I came into the Church. I am grateful for what he has done as priest up to this point. I would however like to express my opinion, and pray that he would stick it out as a priest, since that is his vocation. If he must suffer injustice, then I would hope that he would be able to do it as Padre Pio did it, and not leave to form some sort of renegade media company. I doubt Father Corapi will read this post, and if he does, I still call him Father, since that is what he is in my eyes, in the eyes of God and in the eyes of the Church. Once a priest, always a priest. I would hope that he would reconsider sticking it out, rather than rebel in a way that seems to me to be contrary to how the Saints handled unjust accusations. Any thoughts? Is it possible that he was forced into laicization?


kkollwitz said...


"Is it possible that he was forced into laicization?"

I's impossible to know anything like the whole story yet.

Matthew Bellisario said...

It would seem that it would take longer than a few months for a forced laicization to take place, no?

scotju said...

I've never listened to or watched any of Fr.Corapi's programs, CD's or DVD's, so I have no negative or positive feelings about him. What I have noticed in the past few days is the tremendous amount of vemon being spit on him by people like Mark Shea and Jimmy Akin. What's with these people? Corapi probably didn't make the best decision as to the course of action he decided on, but the hatred that's being directed at him by the Shea and Akin types doesn't help Corapi or the Catholic public in this matter. As the old saying goes, "Where's the love"?

Matthew Bellisario said...

As bad as those articles were, they were nothing like what this jerk Kevin O'Brien wrote over on his blog. He is a friend of Mark Shea, so it is not hard to figure out why they act alike. At least Shea did come back and apologize for his scathing post.
Not this guy.

Read this self righteous rant.

Nick said...

He should not have abandoned the priesthood. He should have gone through the trial, at least to a point, and been broadcasting all the dirty details. If he's innocent, he'll vindicate himself. If he's guilty, the Bishops will have to present PUBLIC irrefutable proof.

scotju said...

I read O'Brien's posts, and like you Matthew, he left me with the impression of him being a world class jerk. Like I said, where's the love?
If you're interested, you might want to take a look at what Steve Kellmeyer has to say about Corapi on his 5th Column blog. His comments are well balanced and merciful toward or fallen brother.