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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Science and Creation: The Magis Center-Kolbe Center

For those of you who are interested in science and the creation of the world, I ran across the Magis Center website put together by Fr. Robert J. Spitzer that you may be interested in checking out. He has several videos and podcasts pertaining to physics, mathematics, philosophy and faith. I watched a few of them and they seem to be pretty decent from what I can tell. There is even an entire 12 part series you can watch on the website titled 'God and Modern Physics.' He also published a book last year titled, 'New Proofs For the Existence of God.' I do not have the book yet but I will order it sometime in the near future. I have too many other books I am trying to get through at this point! But it looks like a decent read.

I will say that I do not know a lot about Fr. Spitzer or what common theological views he holds to. He does seem to have some great arguments against the "New Atheism," and is known to have refuted the likes of Stephen Hawking and his recent book titled, 'The Grand Design." Fr. Spitzer insists that science is always changing, and science does not provide absolute proofs, only reasonable explanations to various truths. Science also cannot broach the metaphysical realm, which only philosophy can do. He addresses the common proofs for God, such as the "First Cause." In order for physics to work, it must have a beginning point to work off. Fr. Spitzer also goes into the many scientific arguments provided against the existence of God, and explains why they fail, including the modern proposal that the universe created itself out of nothing. He seems to have a solid working knowledge of the many scientific theories and studies relating to the creation of the universe and so forth. If you are into the whole physics/faith area then I think it is worth checking out. Here is a link to the website. Let me know your thoughts on the website and information.

Note: It looks like I am going to have to pull a Pope Paul VI and add a 'nota explicativa' to this post. A reader has informed me that the Kolbe Center is a more traditional source for this type of material. There is a rift between the traditional acceptance of a literal interpretation of the Genesis account of creation, and a theistic evolutionary one. Those at the Kolbe center hold to the traditional doctrine of creation, not to the modern notion of theistic evolution. I am not very familiar with this area of study, so I will leave it you to investigate these sources yourself. Perhaps this is a chance for a good debate!


scotju said...

Matthew, you didn't read enough of this guy's material. He's a theist evolutionist who doesn't believe in the Genesis account as handed down by tradition. If you want to refer CC readers to an orthodox Catholic website about creation, is the place to go.

Matthew Bellisario said...

Thanks Scot, I addded that link to the bottom of the post.

Matthew Bellisario said...

I pulled a Pope Paul VI and added a 'nota explicativa.' :) Thanks again.

Jonathan D'Souza said...

Hopefully more Catholics wake up to the fact that Evolution-'Science' is an empty philosophical deception without any evidence or even a sensible explanation.

6-Day Creation is perfectly in accord and in no contradiction with known scientific evidence whereas all naturalistic approaches to explain life and origins have been an abysmal embarrassment only continually kept on life support by secular media, culture and so called bogus interpretations of 'Church/State separation' and the secular courtrooms.

It is a big area in which Catholics really ought to catch up to Protestants with so I don't need to refer anyone to better materials on a Protestant site. I hope the Kolbe Center continues to grow.

Paul said...

I agree with Jonathan, Catholics ought to catch up with protestants, and now thankfully there are other Catholic websites out there which Jonathan and others like minded Catholics can refer to, such as


Tabernacle of David said...

For the good of souls and the scandal this priest causes I beg you to take this post down. I encourage everyone to go to

Daye lite said...

I was wondering if you could write a blog on the Kolbe Center and their wonderful material which follows magisterial teachings very faithfully. they have wonderful seminars on this topic. There is also the Daylight Origins Society who are in favour of the Kolbe position.