Monday, April 11, 2011

Michael Voris Responds

As usual, it seems many bishops are about being political rather than about being Catholic. When a bishop allows a pro-abortion speaker to speak in their diocese but outlaws an orthodox Catholic to speak, then we know where his allegiance is to be found.

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Alan Aversa said...

This doesn't surprise me at all.

Here in Tucson a "Catholic," pro-homosexual, pro-abort politician has spoken in the sanctuary of a Catholic church that converts into an auditorium by lowering the alter into the floor. I kid you not.

In Phoneix, however, the bishop banned all pro-abort politicians from speaking on any church property in his diocese.

The goats and the sheep have been divided, and there are many more goats.

Matthew Bellisario said...

Hi Alan. What church is this where the altar retracts into the floor? Is this a real Catholic parish? Are there any pictures of this on the net? I am curious now. I have never heard of such an atrocity.