Saturday, February 12, 2011

Ave Maria Conference In Honor of Ralph McInerny

I just got back from a great Thomistic conference at Ave Maria University. All of the speakers were excellent and they were all top notch Thomistic scholars. Thursday started the conference with four doctoral students giving their presentations. Friday and Saturday were each packed full with 8 lectures lasting between 25 and 30 minutes each, followed by question and answers. I really enjoyed the question and answer part as the theologians discussed and occasionally debated certain points on the lecture, and it was quite amusing at times as they challenged one another. It seemed that we were running behind schedule the entire time; but what do you expect when you have that many theologians under one roof? I have been to many Catholic conferences over the years and I must say this one has been the most enriching experience I have ever had.

The Dominican theologians present were all top notch, and I enjoyed the breaks in between the lectures as much as the lectures themselves because I was able to pepper them with a few questions! I enjoyed all of the talks, but my favorites were Fr. Charles Morerod's talk on philosophy and theology, Fr. Romanus Cessario's talk on Mariology, Fr. Thomas Joseph White's talk on nature and grace and Fr. Timothy Bellamah's talk on the mediaeval desire to know Scripture in its causes. After listening to these guys it makes me want to go and delete everything I have ever written on my blog! I also picked up some great books while I was there. What a surprise! Catholic U had a 25% off sale so I couldn't pass that up could I? On a side note. I would love to see one of these theologians debate someone like James White sometime, just to shut him up. Truly, it wouldn't even be a contest. They are not even in the same league. Anyways, below is a picture I took with my phone during the keynote lecture given by Fr. Charles Morerod, OP. I talked with Fr. Matthew Lamb who organized the conference and he said that the lectures would be available in book form in the future. I look forward to that because time constraints often forced the theologians to cut their talks short.

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GADEL said...

That was a wonderful time spent my dear brother. I am also from an exciting ED as a Legion of Mary member. It's great to talk to people face to face on things of the Lord and not just behind the computer. Pax Christi.