Wednesday, January 26, 2011

More Nonsense from Cardinal George. (Lets do Yoga!)

It seems that Fr. Pflager is not the only problem (Watch some of the videos at Pflager's Church) that Cardinal George has not handled. His cathedral is now promoting and offering Yoga classes by certified Yoga instructors who are well versed in interfaith prayer and meditation. Here is some of what they are advertising, none of which has anything to do with the Catholic faith. Do some research on Yoga, especially the vinyasa Yoga, which originates from Indian gurus. Its all bad news.

Ali Niederkorn is a devoted Catholic and a practicing yogi. She has cultivated a daily home practice making yoga a part of her regular prayer.  In the Catholic community she offers faith-based yoga classes encouraging yoga practice as a form of prayer and meditation. She takes her background in teaching and design of learning communities to her faith development and yoga classes. In the past she has organized yoga and prayer programs at  churches in Chicago and in the broader metro area.  She blends inspirational readings, inter-faith meditation, teaching of theory, breathing exercises and yoga postures in each session.

Dina Wolf is a certified yoga instructor who teaches vinyasa flow yoga.  She began her yoga practice 12 years ago when she ventured into a San Francisco yoga studio.  From that moment, her curiosity kept her coming back to classes.  A year later, she met her husband and lived the Bay Area life where they both took Hatha yoga classes. 


scotju said...

Has Cdl. George ever even read "Aspects of Christian Meditation?" This document is well over twenty years old and roundly lambastes eastern meditation practises. He has absoltely no excuse to allow this pagan foolishness in a Christian church. Maybe next he'll invite the Hare Krishna's to do some dancing in the sanctuary!

scotju said...

This guy looks like Mike Myers in "The Love Guru!"

Josemaria Lazaro Paulo Jeronimo Martin Carvalho-von verster said...

Hmmm....Is Not Cardinal George The Head of The Canons Regular of St John Canisius?(I Mean Chairman of The Board)