Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Take Away Their Retirement!

It has been awhile since I have put up anything too controversial, so this is long overdue. Faithful Catholics are sick and tired of heretical, scandalous priests in the Church. It seems that there are so many that it is almost impossible for good bishops to control them all. They destroy the liturgy to their own amusement while Catholics have to suffer their awful sermons, bad jokes and liturgical abuses. Fortunately I attend an Eastern Catholic Church and a Latin Mass only parish 99% of the time, and I am surrounded by great priests. But there are occasions where I have to endure the scourges of apostasy outside of these sanctuaries, and it is enough to get me fired up.

I have a petition to all of the orthodox Catholic bishops of the world who want to straighten out this mess in their diocese. Hire a good canon lawyer, and then threaten these apostate priests with the loss of retirement. In fact, I think that all of the orthodox bishops in the Church should wake up tomorrow morning and make an example out of someone. Pick the Father Pfleger of your diocese and punt them out of the Church in the same manner in which we saw Satan get fired down out of heaven, like lightening. Make it clear that any disobedience concerning the Catholic faith by a priest will be met with a swift defrocking and a loss of all retirement from the Church. These disobedient priests should not be living off of the faithful's money, and those lay-heretics who oppose the removal of such priests can pack their bags and go with them. Remove the apostates and kick them to the curb, no refunds, no severance checks, just the hard concrete curb. Faithful Catholics are tired of paying for these charlatans to commit scandal, spread their heresies and mock Our Lord in the Mass with their hard earned money. What is going to happen to these priests in Italy who are living openly gay lifestyles while still celebrating Mass each day? Kick them to the curb already! Strongly worded letters do not work! Defrock them and take away their money!

I also think these bishops should have a diocesan wide meeting with their priests when this new translation comes out for the Novus Ordo liturgy. They should make it crystal clear that the first dissident priest that opens their pie-hole about having to use the new translation is going to be kicked to the curb with no retirement. Enough is enough. Take away their money and I think that we will suddenly see a change of heart among the clergy. In fact, if I was the bishop I would hang pictures of these examples up in every parish office to remind them what happens when they open their pie holes. When they see the Fr. Pflegers of the world living in stained card board boxes under dingy bridges, eating out of rusty dented trash cans, maybe then the rest will straighten out. It won't take long to get them in line with this new radical plan of attack. Threaten to take away their plush condos, clubbing money and their retirement! You would only lose a few priests, and maybe be forced to sell off a few airplane hangars that sadly pass for churches now a days, and the problem would be solved.


Cory Tucholski said...

I hate to say this, because sex abuse scandal references even tire me (and I'm not Catholic by any stretch of the imagination), but I have to be the first one to say this:

If the bishops didn't defrock priests that raped kids, what in the name of heaven makes you think that they will do so with a priest who deviates from the script of the Mass? Better question: which is the greater moral evil? One final question: if they do defrock a priest who ad libs a Mass but not a priest that raped numerous youngsters, how do think that is going to look to those outside the church, even an honest seeker who is mulling over joining a church?

scotju said...

I imagine some soft-hearted (and soft-headed) folks will think your proposal is mean-spirited, cruel, heartless, merciless, and hatefull. But you know, these bums have been flaunting the moral values of the church for years. They've supported gay rights and other leftist causes for years. They've wreckovated our church buildings and ruined our worship services for years. All of their outrages are right out in the open, so their's no excuse for the responsible clergy and laity to be ignorant about these things. But how to get the ball rolling? How about a Catholic verison of the Tea Party? Sounds good to me!

Matthew Bellisario said...

I was referring to all scandalous acts of priests in this post, not just liturgical abuse. I agree, it doesn't seem probable that this will happen does it? The fact is, one way or another these priests and bishops are going to reap the consequences for their action, or lack of action. Either they can straighten it out, or suffer more serious consequences when God puts the hammer down. I also agree that this makes evangelization very difficult.

Matthew Bellisario said...

Hi scot, yes I've been told that this would not be accepted by many Catholics as a fit punishment for these scandalous priests. I however disagree. Catholics are tired of waking up every morning only to read about the latest sex scandal or some rejection of the Catholic faith which also causes scandal. Enough is enough. They need to be removed and they do not need to be living off of the money of faithful Catholics. The only tea party that would work is to get everyone to quit giving money until the these problems are rectified. That would get their attention wouldn't it?