Saturday, July 17, 2010

I've Gone E-Reading!

With the growing number of books surrounding me in my living quarters I have devised an ingenious plan to curb my book buying! I've gone digital! I purchased the PRS-600 Sony E-Reader. With all of the free out of print books available on the Net now, I figured that I could expand my written sources beyond what I would be able to do with hard copies of books, and I also hope to be able to keep myself busy with many of these hard to get texts and curb my book buying for awhile, before I have to start using the shelves in my refrigerator to store them! The Sony will read several formats including PDF, DOC, and EPub, and I believe you can convert other files types over for use on it as well. I have not tried that as of yet, I am too busy hunting the Net for books! It will also play audio books as well, but I don't see it replacing my Ipod for that task. Here are two great places on the Net to find out of print Catholic books.

The Internet Archive

Project Gutenberg

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