Saturday, June 26, 2010

Book Recommendation: Our Thoughts Determine Our Lives

I am to the last few pages of a great book called "Our Thoughts Determine Our Lives," and it is about the life of Elder Thaddeus of Vitovnitsa. He was a Serbian monk who was born in 1914 and went through the many trials that Serbia endured over the course of his life. The book is split up into two parts, the first biographical and the second part his thoughts on the spiritual life.  What makes this monastic warrior so interesting is that he is a monk of our times. He endured many trials of the modern age and went to his repose in 2003, so he has much advice in the spiritual life that most of us can relate to. The work is just over 200 pages, the first 60 being his biography, the remaining his thoughts on the spiritual life. He covers many topics of interest including, but not limited to: Our Thoughts, The Family Life, On Repentance, On Prayer, On The Spiritual Struggle, A Homily on the Dormition of the Theotokos as well as a collection of sayings of the Elder. 

The spirits under heaven are always setting traps in our thoughts. When St. Anthony saw all the different kinds of nets that the spirits of evil set in order to ensnare us, he sighed and said, "O my God, who then can be saved?"And he heard a voice : "Only the meek and the humble. What is more, these snares cannot even touch them." 

"Here on this earth people should strive to reject the suggestions of the spirits of evil. The Holy fathers tell us always to be vigilant and to be aware that any thought that disturbs our inner peace comes directly form Hades, and that we must not accept such a thought but reject it immediately."
Elder Thaddeus 

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