Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Bias Against Catholics and Sexual Abuse.

I do not believe that any faithful Catholic should have to tolerate even one case of sexual abuse in the Church. It has truly been a terrible time for the Church in recent years with these abuse cases. That said, why is it that no other group is looked at with the same intensity and scrutiny as the Catholic Church is looked upon regarding this issue? Is there a double standard going on here? Phillip Jenkins has just published a new article on this very subject. I suggest you check it out.You may also want to check out his book called, "The New Anti-Catholicism"

Here are a couple of excerpts from his article. I found the last quote quite interesting and it hits the nail on the head. I have seen all too frequently Protestants attacking the Catholic Church while ignoring their own cover-ups in their own churches.

" If anyone believes that priests offend at a higher rate than teachers or non-celibate clergy, then they should produce the evidence on which they are basing that conclusion. I know of none. Saying "everybody knows" does not constitute scientific methodology."

"As the resulting Catholic horror stories accumulate, so many media organizations develop a ready-made format for reporting them, a familiar mythology of specifically Catholic malpractice. Saying that does not mean charging any particular news outlet with deliberate religious prejudice: Some go to great lengths to be fair to accused clergy. But when we approach the issue as a specifically Catholic one, we inevitably cast the church as villain, to the exclusion ofother interpretations. The more firmly the public accepts the image of the sinister priest, the harder it becomes to find juries who will disbelieve abuse allegations. The more cases are reported, the more people come forward to publicize their own complaints. Most plaintiffs are reporting genuine victimization, but some are not."

"Presently, though, pedophile pastors or teachers are little known to the general public, while pedophile priests have become a familiar villain. In consequence, cases of abusive priests are reported as part of a systematic crisis within a deeply flawed church, while non-Catholic offenders are treated as isolated villains, just bad apples within their professions."

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