Friday, April 16, 2010

More From Fr. Pfleger!

It seems now that Fr. Pfleger in the Archdiocese of Chicago is publicly preaching against the Church's teaching on women's ordination. He apparently pulled the old apology game when the news media asked him about it, but he never says he is wrong, but only that it is his private opinion. (“While this is my personal opinion, I do respect and follow the Catholic Church teachings and I am sorry I failed to do this.”) Yet he is preaching his private opinion to his congregation. The video of his sermon is still on his website. Do you think anything will be done about it? I seriously doubt it. Read about it here and read about it here.

From the second article.
On Sunday, only days after having received a lifetime achievement award from the Archdiocese and Cardinal Francis George, Fr. Pfleger told his congregation at Saint Sabina's Catholic Church: “That's why there should be women priests. That's why there should be married priests.  That's why there should be women bishops and women cardinals.”

Despite Fr. Pfleger's apology, his call for women's ordination still appears on his parish's website (view his comments here beginning around 54:30).

I watched the video and this guy is unbelievable. How he can talk about the blood of Jesus in one breath and then teach against Our Lord in the next breath?

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scotju said...

How can he do it Matt? He's just like Martin Luther, before he was excommnicated. Luther would pull the same type of switch and bait tactics when he was criticized by his superiors. Luther wold profess respect and obediance to the church, then he would turn right around and issue one of his broadsides against papal authority. Cdl. George needs to rein in this idiot before he does any more damage. If the Cardinal doesn't do what he's spposed to do, BXVI needs to replace George with someone who will do it. Pfleger is only a problem because his boss has allowed him to get away with this balderdash for so long.