Monday, October 26, 2009

The Bible is Like a Pizza?? Avoid the Noid! Turretin Fan Vs Common Sense

The absurd arguments from the "Reformers" these days just get loonier as they realize they have no real truth to offer anyone. Their arguments are absurd, yet they hail themselves as intellectual geniuses. This guy who has chosen to title himself, "Turretin Fan" is now comparing the Bible to a pizza. What next, the Church to Little Caesars? You have to wonder when this guy will finally get a clue. How many times does this guy have to be refuted before he packs up and goes home? I guess we have to give him an A for persistence, but yet another F in substance. Here is what he wrote in reference to a comment I made about the Biblical Canon. As we know the Bible did not come with a table of contents to tell us what books are supposed to be in it. It took a long period of time for the Church to develop the New Testament, for example. The Catholic Bible has 73 books in the canon, while the Protestants rejected 7 of them giving them only 66 books. We know that true Christians look to Christ, His Church and the Holy Spirit to give us authentic oral and written Divine Revelation. The Catholic Church of course is Christ's Church who is able to recognize God's written Word for what it is. Turretin Fan however has another solution to the Biblical Canon. He says since it exists, then we know what it is. The only problem with his argument is, he doesn't know what it is.

Turretin Fan wrote the following,
"If you have "the Bible" you can deduce the canon. To say that "The Bible doesn't tell you what the Canon is," is rather like saying that the Pizza doesn't tell you what its ingredients are. Well, there may not be a list of ingredients on the side, but if you have the pizza you can write your own list of ingredients."

This is laughable. I can't believe anyone would make such an argument and take themselves as seriously as this guy takes himself. So I guess this guy thinks that the Bible fell out of the sky with gold ribbon tied to it telling us, "This is the Bible." This guy doesn't realize that the "Bible" he is using doesn't contain all of the books that the Church has recognized as being Scripture. So now he compares the Scriptures to a pizza. Just when you think you have seen it all. So I guess if someone walks up to you and hands you a "Bible", you should just take their word for it that it is God's Written Word, right? So I guess if the pizza guy were to walk up to Turretin Fan's house with a pizza box that contained only half of a pizza in it, he would be perfectly happy. Hey, its a pizza, its not a whole one, but who cares, its a pizza.

This guy is too absurd to take seriously. I really cannot devote anymore time to his lunacy. Maybe Turretin Fan should get a job delivering pizzas rather than aggravating people on the internet with his lame arguments. I wonder if his customers would be happy with half of a pizza in the box? I think he would have some angry people on his hands. He would quickly be labeled "the Noid!" We know that the Bible has 73 books in it because Christ tells us so through His Church. If the Noid comes up to you telling you that it has only 66 books, then it obviously isn't a complete Bible, or if we want to use this guy's analogy, it isn't a whole pizza, despite what the box says. It is my recommendation to "Avoid the Noid!" Trust Christ and His Church!

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