Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Catholic Champion Blog Overhaul

Overhauling the Ship!

After much thought I have decided to change the structure of the Catholic Champion blog. I have decided to make it more of an extension of rather than continue to use it as an apologetic melee forum from which to refute heretical individuals. Rather than addressing individuals such as James White and the individual who hides behind the name of Turretin Fan, I will use the blog to promote Catholic apologetic articles and occasionally address ideas contrary to the Catholic faith. I will however only engage in the topics of interest without the addressing of individuals, nor naming them.

The reason for this is twofold. One, I find it to be futile to argue with those who will not act honestly, and two, I also find it futile to continue to argue with those who have no intention of finding truth. I think it will be much more constructive to write more in depth articles as well as to direct those who seek the truth to good resources. Lastly, I have found the constant arguing and the need to respond to every attack on my blog, to sometimes be a source of pride, rather than actually defending the truth of Jesus Christ and His Church.

I hope to utilize this blog to put out more information rather than it being a source of blog debates, which I admit is sometimes really entertaining for me. I however feel the need to move past this blog entertainment forum and step up the content of the blog. I hope you continue to enjoy the blog and I hope that you will continue to contribute to it. All those seeking truth and good theological discussions are more than welcome.


BJ Buracker said...

This sounds good. I hope you publish frequently.

I think this will be a good spring board for discussion in the comboxes, as well.

As a suggestion, whenever possible, would mind recommending theologians to read? I like having books in hand, and I try to read whatever is recommended.

Thanks, Matt!


Jen D said...

This is an interesting change to make. I think it sounds wonderful! :)

Alexander Greco said...

I realize that you are moving in a different direction. Turretinfan has apparently taken notice and has decided to provide an 'index'covering your interactions with him.

He wrote: "I think now is a good time to catalog comprehensively our interactions with Mr. Bellisario."

I'm not sure who the 'our' is referring to.

Good luck.